Essential training for autistic adults and parents of autistic children

  • Essential Training for autistic adults and those who support them

    Essential Training for autistic adults and those who support them

    Get behind autistic symptoms. Our Autism Training courses and consultancy helps get to the underlying issues,  and is tailored specifically to your needs.

  • Have Autism or Aspergers? Need some help?

    Have Autism or Aspergers? Need some help?

    We provide services for autistic adults and young people to help them be the best autistic people they can be. Researched, designed and delivered by autistic autism experts.

  • Need help with autism in the classroom?

    Need help with autism in the classroom?

     An Autism friendly classroom environment is an everybody friendly environment. We can teach you how to best support all your autistic and non-autistic students to learn better together.

  • Feeling overwhelmed?

    Feeling overwhelmed?

    You don’t need to help your autistic son, daughter or client alone. We can help you with finding a positive way forward for your autistic child or adult.


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Understanding autism is vital to positive outcomes.

Whether you are a parent of an autistic child or adult, a social worker needing to know more about autism, an autistic adult yourself, or teaching autistic children, you are in the right place.

We are here to provide you with a firm understanding of Autism, Aspergers, and Neurodiversity so that you can take an informed approach to working with or supporting someone with autism, or understand your own autism better.  

Led by Autistic Entrepreneur, Autism Practitioner and former Lecturer and Researcher, Dr Elizabeth Guest (BSc, PhD, PGCHE), Aspiedent is perfectly positioned to improve your wellbeing as an autistic person, or help you to improve the outcomes for the autistic adults or young people you want to help.

All our services are underpinned by our very own proven cutting-edge autism profiling tool. We want to change the conversation around autism to make it simpler for you to understand and to reduce the fear of the unknown.

Our mission is to break down barriers and build bridges between the autistic and non-autistic populations. We have done this in our own business with our own people and so we understand the unique challenges when autism and ‘non-autism’ try to understand each other.

We have worked with autistic adults to help them understand themselves, and the world around them.

  • Those who have never been seen to smile have gone out of sessions beaming,
  • Those who did not socialise at all have started to socialise,
  • Those with (mild) mental health issues have improved.

We have a good record of helping autistic adults develop the skills to get work. 

You can depend on Aspiedent to offer expert, honest advice which is heavily research based. This means that you can trust us to provide you with an extremely high-quality standard of service that will help you. Whether you would like to understand more about autism, have autism yourself and want to understand yourself better, or would like to know how you can deploy the autism profiling tool, we can help.

As well as being run by an autistic genius, Aspiedent works regularly with autistic adults. This means we are able to provide you with unique autistic insights, and are used to adapting to a range of different ways of thinking, and different learning and communication styles.

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I have a better understanding of why situations may arise, and I now have some understanding of what could be causing it.

SENCo and Teacher

Outwood Academy Lofthouse Gate, Wakefield

"Supportive, congenial atmosphere. I will be more aware of other’s issues and have a better general tolerance of other’s idiosyncrasies whether autistic or not. I was very impressed with how complex and intuitive the data collection exercise was."

Autistic adult

The course has provided awareness of my own strengths and weaknesses and specifically an insight into my condition’s many elements. In this way it enabled me to diagnose my own problems and solve them myself. I have no regrets taking the course whatsoever.

Autistic adult

It’s been really useful to learn new strategies and reinforce my working practice. I do think some learners would benefit from a similar course (and their parents – so all are working together).

Learning Link Tutor

Post 16/Further Education