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Autistic Adults

We provide excellent training and consultancy services for misunderstood autistic adults who want to move forwards in life. This includes help understanding your own autism, to developing social skills, or getting a job.

Teachers, Parents, Social and Support Workers

If you are a parent or carer of a child with an autism diagnosis, or a teacher with an autistic pupil, then we can also make life easier for you through autism understanding training courses and consultancy.


Service Overview

All services are informed by autism research and designed by Dr Elizabeth Guest who is a qualified teacher. Dr Guest is also autistic. All Aspiedent’s services focus on teaching you to get behind the symptoms and behaviours associated with autism and ASD to the underlying issues.

This enables you to gain a true understanding of the particular type of autism you are dealing with and therefore what might help. This approach has been developed by Aspiedent and cannot be accessed elsewhere. Engaging with Aspiedent will help you know how to design and implement personalised and thus more successful autism strategies. This will mean more inclusive ways of teaching autistic children, better management of autism and anxiety issues and easier access to meaningful employment for you or autistic adults you support.


I have been and will continue to be refer parents, friends and colleagues to Dr Guest, as a means for them to gain from her expertise and experience.  This, highly valued resource in the private sector, means that parents and children can expand understanding and take on successful strategies that may provide sensible solutions. I highly recommend Dr Guest’s services and would be very encouraged to see a wider audience able to access her courses.

SENCo/Learning Support Teacher
Richmond House School, Leeds

The course has made a significant and positive life-changing effect on my happiness for the past three months, and I suspect the effect will be long-term. The advice given was clear, and I now see many scenarios where I was not engaging with people or being forthcoming when I could have been. The course has provided awareness of my own strengths and weaknesses and specifically an insight into my condition’s many elements. In this way it enabled me to diagnose my own problems and solve them myself. I have no regrets taking the course whatsoever.

Social Skills Training Participant

About us

Aspiedent has been in business since 2014. Established by Dr Elizabeth Guest (BSc,PhD, PGCHE), she was soon joined by Operations Manager Jen Blacow. Both Elizabeth and Jen are disabled. Elizabeth has autism, dyslexia, and ADHD; Jen has OCD. We understand the issues that simple misunderstandings can cause.

Both Elizabeth and Jen work with autistic people and people with neurodiversity. Our autism-led Training for adults with autism and autistic young people has made positive differences to autistic people’s lives. These differences are tangible and include

  • Putting smiles on the faces of those who don't smile.
  • Those who don't socialise start to socialise, T
  • Those with mild mental health problems improve or even get better.
  • Confidence improves, and people start to believe in themselves - they start to become visible.
  • People get jobs.

We have been told that our ASD training and consultancy services for parents/carers and teachers have provided more understanding in three hours than other two-day conferences. One SENCo successfully managed a transition of a previously struggling autistic pupil from school to university – an achievement she put down to attending Aspiedent’s Autism Understanding Training.

Our services are underpinned by a fascinating autism profiling tool that we have developed to not only model Aspergers traits, but model how any individual thinks about and perceives the world.

Aspiedent’s vision is to break down the barriers and build bridges between diverse people. Our innovative methods of helping people understand themselves and others around them are our key assets.

What does ‘Aspiedent’ mean?

Let’s face it. We’ve all met somebody who is a little bit odd.

Like Yohan from work, who never says good morning to anybody but say the wrong thing and he’ll tell you all about his collection of bearded dragons (for an hour).

Or your neighbour, Kate, who doesn’t get jokes but has everyone else in stitches saying exactly what she thinks, even if it is offensive.

Contrary to what some might think, these oddballs are usually not just insensitive people with no social skills. They could be autistic. Or ‘Aspies’, as otherwise known in the Autism and Aspergers community.

And the truth is, unless you are also autistic, they probably think that you are pretty odd, too!

The term ‘Aspiedent’ is derived from the notion of ‘Aspie Incidents’. These are often simple and sometimes comical misunderstandings between autistic and non-autistic people.

We use cartoons in our autism training courses to demonstrate the social mishaps and misunderstandings that can occur between people when autism is involved.

The ‘dent’ in Aspiedent also denotes denting the stereotypes of Autism often perpetuated by the media.

In reality, most autistic people are not mute mathematical geniuses like in the film rain-man, or loveable nerdy scientists like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory.

Social misunderstandings can and do cause real tension among people and can be resolved simply through a better understanding of how yourself and others think about and perceive the world. Whether you are autistic or not, it helps to learn how other people tick.

That’s where Aspiedent comes in. A summary of our services is below.